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Back in 2007 Justice’s crunching deconstruction of techno, pop, R&B, electro, funk, metal and pretty much anything else that took their fancy established the pair as one of France’s most vital musical exports. They are celebrated with 1 Grammy Award, 1 Victoire de la musique - french award - and 3 MTV Awards.

Their second album, 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco, pushed the sonic boat out even further. A bombastic aural wallop whose classic ’70s rock flourishes owed as much to Queen and Yes as it did Frankie Knuckles or Prince, it saw them embark on rapturously-received world tour that took in headline slots at Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Released in 2016, their third album "Woman" took us on board and catapults us from the elastic R&B pop of 'Pleasure' to the rush of 'Alakazam!' without any transition whatsoever, all with a more 'live' approach to the record, heralding the next path taken by the duo.


After three studio albums: Cross (2007), Audio, Video, Disco (2011) and Woman (2016), Justice presents in 2018 Woman Worldwide, a new and original album in which their previous productions are mixed together, stretched and reinterpreted. Woman Worldwide is a studio album shaped by and for live performance. For Justice, the stage is the ultimate purpose of their music. It transforms into an event, a unique experience, what was frozen in LPs, giving the sound its full scope. For this album, the duo won the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Electro Album of the Year, and Woman Worldwide ranked 2nd on Billboard's Top 40 Dance Albums of the Decade.

And while they proved it with an extraordinary international tour and a spectacular live show at the Accor Hotel Arena in Paris, the duo didn't stop there.


In the manner of Pink Floyd's historic live show in Pompeii, the band used this raw material, the energy of a live show, to convey the experience of their lives through film. IRIS: A Space Opera by Justice was born. A film-event with a worldwide release but a single screening in nearly 300 cinemas across 50 countries. This singular work revisits Justice's musical productions through a meticulous set design, where lighting effects, machinery and camera movements combine perfectly to create a fascinating and original object.

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