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Proudly unconventional, no smooth edges, no polished veneer, just dystopian drama with a tangible physical aesthetic.

Djedjotronic evolves at the crossroads of several families. He is a mainstay of Boysnoize Records where he has released most of his EPs. He is also close to the Zone label, created by The Hacker.

For ten years, Djedjotronic has forged a strong, singular sound identity. His highly versatile, retro-futuristic music is fueled by Detroit techno, Warp electronica, European New Beat and industrial music. A key player on the electro planet, he is appreciated as much as his music is played by the best DJs: Marcel Dettman, Paula Temple, Dave Clarke, Miss Kittin, The Hacker.

In September 2018, Djedjotronic published on Boysnoize Records his first album sailing between Electronic Body Music martial ('Cops'), Kraftwerkish atmospheres ('Avatars Have No Organs') and analog techno ('R.U.R'). He even offers the intervention of Douglas Mc Carthy (from the legendary band Nitzer Ebb) on the track 'Take Me Down'.



  • 20 Feb, 2020

    DJEDJOTRONIC: New Track 'Global Surveillance'

    DJEDJOTRONIC's new track 'Global Surveillance' on Boys Noize Records is Mixmag's 'Tune of the Month'.

    It is also exclusively premiered in The Ransom Note.

  • 15 Jan, 2020

    DJEDJOTRONIC: 'Global Surveillance' Premiere

    The track 'Global Surveillance' from DJEDJOTRONIC's forthcoming 'Boish' EP on Boys Noize is premiered on Ransom Note.

  • 14 Jan, 2020

    DJEDJOTRONIC: New 'Boish' EP

    DJEDJOTRONIC's new 'Boish' EP is released on Boys Noize Records on 17th January, it is previewed in Mixmag's Big Tunes.

    big tunes
  • 17 Oct, 2019

    Amsterdam Dance Event: Thursday 17th October

    The second day of this year's Amsterdam Dance Event, will feature a whole host of Decked Out & Primary Talent International artists playing at many different venues across the city. The schedule is as follows:

    ...Charlotte Adigéry
    ...The Bloody Beetroots (Live)
    ...Boys Noize
    ...Kittin, Louisahhh
    ...Myd & Djedjotronic
    ...Alex Kennon
    ...DUKE & JONES
    ...The Bloody Beetroots (DJ Set)

  • 10 Oct, 2019

    Burning Down The House At Amsterdam Dance Event

    Burning Down The House at the Amsterdam Dance Event on 17th October, features Decked Out artists DJEDJOTRONIC & Myd and Primary Talent's Charlotte Adigéry.

  • 29 Jan, 2019

    DJEDJOTRONIC: Rinse France DJ Mix

    DJEDJOTRONIC produces a one-hour DJ mix for Rinse France.

  • 28 Nov, 2018

    DJEDJOTRONIC: New Release 'Cruising' EP

    DJEDJOTRONIC's new 'Cruising' EP is out now on CPU.

  • 02 Nov, 2018


    DJEDJOTRONIC's new EP IS coming out on November 23 on Sheffield based CPU records. Here is the first track premiere via If-Only.

  • 27 Oct, 2018

    DJEDJOTRONIC: 'Take Me Down' Remixes EP

    DJEDJOTRONIC's 'Take Me Down' remixes Ep is out now on Boys Noize Records.
    Featuring heavy remixes from industrial maestro Broken English Club, Awakenings regulars SHDW & Obscure Shape and techno villain Janzon.

  • 16 Oct, 2018

    Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

    The Amsterdam Dance Event begins tomorrow, and runs until Sunday 21st October & features a whole host of Primary Talent International & Decked Out artists.

    ...Ama Lou
    ...DaM-FunK (Live & DJ)
    ...Danny L Harle
    ...Red Axes (Live & DJ)
    ...Agar Agar
    ...The Jillionaire
    ...Boys Noize
    ...Tchami x Malaa
    ...Modestep (DJ)
    ...Full Crate
    ...Julia Govor
    ...Dave Clarke
    ...Rodriguez Jr.
    ...Mind Against
    ...Thys (Noisia)