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  • 05 Dec, 2019

    Dave Clarke: 'The Variations' Video

    Dave Clarke's 'The Variations' video is now online, it will be broadcast on National French TV soon.

    from Dave Clarke: "A brief description... This an adaptation of some of Holst's Planet Suite, namely Mars and Venus with a touch of Thaxted (inspired primarily by Tomita's usage) which was part of Venus and then got adapted to 'I Vow To Thee'. You may also notice 'The Death of Pythagoras' from my last album being adapted...I call it 'PyThaxted' here and I like the fact Pythagoras followed on from the Greek Musica Universalis and said that you could "hear" the Planets as they all emit a tone and have "Variations".

    Musical Equipment used was Serato Studio (which came out a few days after I acepted the assignment) featuring some arrangements prepared on Logic X, Serato control panel, Loopstation with earlier recorded sustained notes, Violin was directly through mixer with various effects applied directly (many thanks to Mathilde for the trust and following my direction). The CDJ provided earlier edited NASA commentary. There was also a live mic recording blending atmos with dry feed."

  • 02 Dec, 2019

    Metroplane: New Single 'Be Where I Am'

    Metroplane (aka Aeroplane & Alex Metric) release a new single 'Be Where I Am', on Sweat It Out.