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La Fleur


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La Fleur is nothing short of a visionary, with her every move an impossibility to ignore.

At almost 20 years since her first footsteps into the music space, the producer, DJ and labelhead meticulously fuses house and techno with infectious melodies to trigger even the deepest emotions. Her sonic palette carefully curates a story – and when lauded by names including Kerri Chandler, Sasha, Pete Tong and Kenny Larkin, its narrative is one of genius.

From her early days balancing a job as a pharmacist by day with playing records by night, before launching her revered label Power Plant merely three years later upon a move to Berlin, La Fleur’s discography has blossomed from strength to strength. Her Power Plant debut release ‘Flowerhead’ received an electric reception from the underground sphere and is still as respected in 2023, with further releases on revered labels including Kompakt and Cocoon. What with a residency and valued relationship with Watergate Berlin, her remixing Kerri Chandler and Sasha (including a hit 2018 collaboration with the latter on ‘Förbindelse’), remixes by Carl Craig and Kenny Larkin, plus an abundance of high-profile party and festival appearances, La Fleur now turns to an evolution in her craft.

By pouring energy into simply embracing the creative process - discovering new outlets, taking singing lessons, and freely enjoying herself sans pressure, inspired by a move back to her homeland of Sweden from Berlin - the musician looks to the future with new album ‘Väsen’. Firmly rooted in her intention to bring listeners on a journey with her intrinsic self, the archaic Swedish word models not only an entity, but also an essence. With associated meanings embodying the natural world, strength and noise, the forthcoming body of work is truly reflective of the self, down to the most minute of details.  

Looking back, La Fleur’s success feels somewhat inevitable. Valuing creativity and connecting with oneself has fuelled Sanna Engdahl since childhood, then spending her weekends exploring her rural surroundings and taking lessons in ballet, flute and piano. Perhaps her future as a DJ was cemented at a similar age, having taken a penchant of recording tapes for her friends and always pushing them to listen to music which, in Sanna’s own words, she defined as “amazing” – all while simultaneously studying for a Master’s degree in pharmaceutical science.

Today, she is an esteemed name across DJ circles, honouring her younger self by sharing music which she loves the most to others. This time though, La Fleur does so on an international scale. She most recently played the iconic Sonar By Night festival, and has numerous accolades including Awakenings Festival, Tomorrowland, Life Festival, Creamfields and Warung, also playing iconic institutions including Ibiza’s superclubs, Printworks London, Motion Bristol and of course Watergate Berlin.

Truly a trailblazer of the underground in the present day, La Fleur’s electronic artistry is something to behold. Her ascent shows no signs of deceleration, with the producer, DJ and labelhead’s beautiful sonic concoction creating the perfect storm for dancefloors young and old.

La Fleur
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