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An aeroplane is a vehicle designed for air travel that has wings and one or more engines.

It is also a music producer from Belgium who’s career, spanning now 15 years, has had so many highlights and accolades it would be difficult to list them all.

Often described as Nu-Disco, Aeroplane’s music is closer to Balearic in the true sense of the word : a blend of Disco, Funk, Pop, early House and Italo, resulting in a unique take on club music that took him on an endless world tour, playing pretty much every city, club or festival you can think of. XOYO, Zouk, Razzmataazz, D-Edge, Coachella, Electric Zoo, Glastonbury…

After a few classic EP’s and an album on Eskimo Recordings, Aeroplane went on to release records on, but not only, Defected, Glitterbox, Spinnin’, Sweat It Out or Partyfine with Dimitri From Paris, Alex Metric, Purple Disco Machine, Benjamin Diamond, Tawatha Agee, Diplo and Jungle…

As a remixer, Aeroplane worked with a very long list of artists, some of those remixes leaving a strong mark, more notoriously the 2007 remix of Friendly Fires “Paris” which is still played like it came out yesterday.

More recently Aeroplane has just remixed Purple Disco Machin’s smash hit “In The Dark”

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