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Kim Ann Foxman


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Kim Ann Foxman, 2016 "Play and make music that makes you happy, and people will naturally feel that honesty".

"Kim Ann Foxman has had quite the career," were FACT magazine's words when she was inducted into their critically acclaimed podcast series in 2016. Hawaii born artist and DJ, she shot to fame as a vocalist and has since continued her rise to become one of New York's finest DJs and a prolific producer in her own right.

Unfazed by trends and deeply rooted in the music, Foxman builds on the nostalgic records of her youth to create her own dynamic sound. A rare specimen who is equally likely to be found playing to intimate audiences as to huge festival crowds, her record selection is distinctive from that of her peers. She holds a highly regarded residency at Good Room in her home of Brooklyn, New York and is a regular at Panorama Bar in Berlin, places where she is able to explore different sounds whilst still captivating the dancefloor.

As a producer, Kim Ann Foxman delivers catchy hooks and haunting melodies, and is also celebrated for beguiling and original vocals. Her Firehouse Recordings imprint (inspired by the old firehouse in Brooklyn that is her studio and a creative hub for the like-minded) is responsible for a steady stream of mind-bending releases. An effortless trendsetter, Foxman is well-known for her inimitable style and ability to move seamlessly between the music and fashion worlds. She has built solid relationships with brands like Gucci, Dior Homme, Prada, and Adidas. Through a deep dedication to music and an infectious positive outlook, Kim Ann Foxman output is a reflection of her genuine approach, which is felt by all wherever she plays.

Thump - "Her sound is one of confidence"

Pitchfork - " The heart of her aesthetic-tough and dreamy all at once."

Kim Ann Foxman

Kim Ann Foxman

  • 14 Oct, 2019

    Kim Ann Foxman: New Solo EP

    Set the timer & get into position, Kim Ann Foxman returns to her Firehouse imprint SELF:TIMER with a solo EP, following up the extraterrestrial trip that was 'Pleasure Planet's debut last year.

    This time she takes the lead with 'My Dog Has Fleas'. Don't reach for the vet hotline quite yet; it's actually based on a ukulele tuning technique popular in her Hawaiian stomping ground, but you'd never tell... A juicy, slinky, 80s-informed jam, it carries all the hallmarks we've long since come to expect from Foxman. As is the 'Pleasure Planet' remix by herself and longstanding friends Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey as they bring on their atomic energy with fresh vocal samples, guitar, and cosmic flare you'd expect from such a hedonistic NYC gang.

    Deeper into the shoot we strut: 'Shake The Bones' is the dog-walking equivalent of a run on an unfettered, unpeopled, unlimited coastline.
    The elements. The energy. The space and fresh air; this doesn't just shake your bones, it'll shake your whole soul. As for Marc Piñol and Hugo Capablanca's acid-wrenched C.P.I rework... It's a mix so fiery it sent their studio into meltdown and their Roland Space Echo literally went up in flames! (True Story!)

    "Yo Dog!" It's time to dance!

  • 13 Nov, 2018

    Kim Ann Foxman: Pleasure Planet's Debut EP

    Kim Ann Foxman presents her Pleasure Planet project EP on Firehouse imprint self:timer. It features the track 'Evapourate', the video for which is below.

  • 13 Jul, 2018

    MELT Festival 2018

    The MELT festival takes place at Ferropolis, Germany this weekend and features from the Primary Talent and Decked Out rosters.

    Thursday 12th July
    ...Boys Noize

    Friday 13th July
    ...Cigarettes After Sex
    ...Mount Kimbie
    ...Yellow Days

    Sunday 15th July
    ...Kim Ann Foxman

    MELT Festival
  • 22 May, 2018

    Kim Ann Foxman: Dancing Astronaut Playlist

    Kim Ann Foxman presents an Orbital playlist for Dancing Astronaut.

  • 15 May, 2018

    Kim Ann Foxman: In The Lab NYC

    Kim Ann Foxman was live In The Lab NYC, and featured in Mixmag.

  • 03 Apr, 2018

    Kim Ann Foxman: Remixes Hunter Lombard's 'Raeh'

    Kim Ann Foxman has remixed Hunter Lombard's track 'Raeh', which is released on Brooklyn's Jack Dept. label.
    Featured in DJ Mag.

  • 05 Feb, 2018

    Parklife 2018

    The Parklife festival in Heaton Park, Manchester from 9th-10th June will feature a host of Primary Talent & Decked Out artists:

    ...J Hus
    ...Green Velvet
    ...Kim Ann Foxman
    ...Jamz Supernova

  • 13 Nov, 2017

    Kim Ann Foxman: Featured in BE-AT.TV

    Kim Ann Foxman is featured in BE-AT.TV.

  • 17 Aug, 2017

    Kim Ann Foxman: Good Room Podcast

    Kim Ann Foxman provides a DJ mix for the Good Room Podcast, it's 100th edition.

  • 18 Jul, 2017

    Kim Ann Foxman: Special Guest On 'Transitions'

    Kim Ann Foxman was the special guest on 'Transitions' with John Digweed.