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Channelling a good portion of much-needed summer vibes, house aficionado Ben Pearce makes his debut on BMG with 'Fireproof' - a seriously catchy, feel-good cut that's going to provide the soundtrack for terraces and pool-sides across the world when it drops on 29th March.

Featuring the effortless vocals of Birmingham newcomer, Tayla, 'Fireproof' sees Ben return to the sound and genre that he mastered when he first broke onto the scene by delivering a sun-kissed, deep house record with - dare we say it - an ear-worm hook that fits perfectly. Fusing uplifting keys, ethereal synths and an infectious, funky bassline with plenty of groove, 'Fireproof' transports you straight to the carefree peak of summer from the first beat and doesn't let up until the last. Whilst Tayla's uplifting lyrics and instantly unforgettable hook puts this track firmly in the crossover category, DJs are treated to a full Ben Pearce club mix and a remix package will be dropping in the near future, ensuring the 'Fireproof' release ticks every box.

"I think the inspiration for 'Fireproof' - and a lot of the other music I'm currently working on - was helped along by the fact I moved from a windowless studio into a writing room in the loft in my house which has an amazing amount of sunlight. I got some basic ideas together for me and Tayla to write on and 'Fireproof' came around pretty quickly; she's such a true talent and a pleasure to work with." - Ben Pearce

With over half a million listeners each month on Spotify alone, Ben Pearce is one of the scene's most loved producers and 'Fireproof' signals a return to frontline of dance music for the DJ whose iconic 'What I Might Do' hit the UK Top 10 singles chart, and has since released on labels like Circus Recordings, Armada and Toolroom. Following a brief sabbatical in late 2016, Ben's fresh enthusiasm for the music is obvious and his selective approach to releases since then has resulted in a high standard that is maintained with 'Fireproof'.

"I'm really glad to be moving into a more song-based production schedule in 2019, one where I'm getting into the lyrics and really connecting with people. Of course I love club music, but being able to combine that with the more lyrical format is really exciting; I think it's easy to fall into a trap of thinking that you have to fit yourself into one shape or another, and I feel a lot less restricted with this new approach." - Ben Pearce

If you need one track to prepare you for summer, 'Fireproof' is surely it.

Ben Pearce

Ben Pearce