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  • 30 Dec, 2017

    Erol Alkan: BBC 6 Music On NYE

    Erol Alkan will be live on BBC 6 Music on New Years Eve from 22.00-01.00. The show will consist of a selection of his favourite records from 2017 plus music from the future, and some special guests.


  • 16 Dec, 2017

    Dave Clarke: #1 Electronic Album Of The Year

    Dave Clarke's 'The Desecration of Desire' is Hot Press magazine's #1, 'Best Electronic Album of the Year'.


    hot press
  • 12 Dec, 2017

    Erol Alkan: Reviewed In Resident Advisor

    Erol Alkan's remixes album 'Reworks Volume 1', is reviewed in Resident Advisor.

    'Reworks Volume 1' is a musical overview of what makes Erol Alkan one of his generation's most iconic remixers. Framing a corner of his career in perspective - a success in taking on any source material and melding it into something of his own. Alkan's philosophy towards a remix is to "re-produce" work as if the original never existed.


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  • 12 Dec, 2017

    Darius: New Album 'Utopia'

    Darius' new album 'Utopia' is out now and there is a short film about him & his creative process, directed by Currents.
    Listen to the album in full, streaming on Soundcloud from the link below.


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  • 06 Dec, 2017

    Louisahhh: New 'A Trap I've Built' EP

    Louisahhh releases her new EP 'A Trap I've Built'.
    Continuing upon the cross-media mission of her label RAAR, the EP is meant to create a bridge, in both theme and feel, between Louisahhh's previous dancefloor oriented tracks and a more live-sounding, post-alternative industrial pop. Louisahhh describes:

    "'A Trap I've Built' is an intentionally brutal body of work. Wading through murky themes of rape culture, addiction, masochism and deprivation, whatever isn't explicitly lyricised bleeds through in a sonic ambush. It is my intention that listening to these songs, or djing them, should be an experience that leaves the audience a little shaken up, something they can feel in their teeth. I hope that 'A Trap I've Built' is delighted in because (not in spite) of the fact that it is upsetting."


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  • 03 Dec, 2017

    The Bloody Beetroots: On The Marvel Podcast

    The Bloody Beetroots' Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo discusses his love of comics & masks in the Marvel Podcast.


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