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    "I'm a selector at heart, it's all I want to do", explains Alex Warren, otherwise known by his producer and DJ moniker, Kiwi.
    "Fundamentally dance music is about dancing, and dancing is fun, I have no time for pretence."

    Warren's journey into dance music began after moving to London in 2007 as an art student studying at Goldsmith's University. Excited to see what the city had on offer, he began to explore the nightlife and wound up at world-renowned nights like Trash, which later became DURRR.

    Soon after encountering Trash / DURRR, the club night notorious for it's promiscuous relationship with disco and indie, Warren became the resident photographer. Warren explains how documenting the party inspired him to promote; "when the doors closed and DURRR stopped its regular parties I decided to try and start my own night. I remember having a conversation with Erol Alkan at DURRR and I was talking about my aspirations to be a DJ and he said; 'that's funny, I've always fancied doing photography we should swap'! We didn't swap, but I did start DJing".

    Warren began the successful club night Orlando Boom, which led him to securing the role as bookings and promotions manager at 'The Nest'. With his energy now firmly channeled into music, it wasn't long until he was motivated to make his own. As an avid record collector, his sets are packed with rare finds of Balearic, Italo Disco and techno, his first venture into production was with the intention to link these varied sounds in his own sets.

    In 2013 Warren's debut 'The Guanako Haka' EP was an ode to Detroit techno via 'Days of Being Wild' followed by two collaborative EP's with Ashworth on deep house label, Sneaky. He then went on to release on the much-acclaimed DEEP SHIT label, with DAZED proclaiming track 'Llama' made them "want to race for any surface that could pass as a dance floor within the first five seconds". This was followed by 'Needwant' and Blase Boys Club. More recently he had a track on a Correspondent LP and an EP with Optimo Music.

    His latest EP, 'Orca', on Bristol label Futureboogie was an impressive amalgamation of Warren's eclectic tastes, with Mixmag reviewing it as an 8/10. As well as creating his own music, Kiwi has also worked on remixes for a host of different artists including Who Made Who, DJ Harvey's Locassolus, Qtier, Bonar Bradberry, Few Nolder, Is Tropical, The Klaxons and many more.

    Sandwiched between an extensive series of tour dates this summer including Love Saves the Day, Glastonbury and The Lost Disco, Warren will be prepping for his next 12" on Jaymo & Andy George's Moda Black label - Rabbit Hole will also feature remixes from Lord of the Isles and Willie Burns, with future releases on Disco Halal, 17 Step's and Futureboogie still to be announced.



  • 11 Jan, 2018

    Kiwi: Featured On New 'Toilet Paper' EP

    Kiwi's track 'Avocet' is featured on Toilet Paper Magazine's new 'Fast Forward' EP, in collaboration with The Vinyl Factory.


  • 08 Jan, 2018

    Kiwi: New 'Amityville' EP

    Kiwi AKA Alex Warren, returns to Futureboogie after 2016's well received 'Orca' EP (which picked up support from the likes of DJ Harvey, PBR Streetgang, Manpower, Kate Simko & many more) with the cinematically sprawling 'Amityville' EP.

    With all the intensity and menace of the supernatural events immortalised in Rosenberg's 1979 horror flick, 'Amityville' leans on Lalo Schifrin's classic score and serves up a chugging disco-fied monster. Arpeggiated synths and those memorable vocal refrains from the movie build a mood of anticipation that flourishes into sections of pure wigged out disco business. It's a very clever and unique production, and one that we served up to DJ Tennis for re-interpretation.

    Following on from recent remixes for The Juan Maclean and Tricky, as well as a spectacular DJ Kicks mix for !K7, DJ Tennis remoulds 'Amityville' into a deep and delicate house groove, introducing some guitar riffing and deft mallet instrumentation whilst manipulating the original components to mesmerizing effect.

    On 'Warriors', Kiwi continues his unabashed love of cult movies with a musical ode that captures the edgy and urban sounds of 70s cinematic synth soundtracks; phasing guitar riffs, rolling snares and dramatic synth sweeps dominate this infectious track. And closing the release, 'Paco' is a melody fuelled and studious production; wandering keys drift over a steady beat and filtering bassline combo whilst the synths pitch bend and flex, resulting in a gloriously trippy ambience throughout.

    Released by Futureboogie on 26th January 2018.


  • 21 Sep, 2017

    Kiwi: On The 'Beats In Space' Radio Show

    Kiwi is featured on the 'Beats In Space' radio show, click link below to listen.


  • 10 Aug, 2017

    Kiwi: Shares New Remix Of 'Rabbit Hole'

    Kiwi shares a new remix of his track 'Rabbit Hole', by Lord of the Isles.


  • 29 Jul, 2017

    Kiwi: New 'Rabbit Hole' EP

    Kiwi has premiered his new 'Rabbit Hole' EP featuring Cactus Suana, on Nest HQ.


  • 03 Nov, 2016

    Kiwi: Live At The Amsterdam Dance Event

    Kiwi recorded live at the Amsterdam Dance Event for RAUW.


  • 31 Aug, 2016

    Kiwi: New Single 'ThrowDown'

    London's Alex Warren, AKA Kiwi presents 'ThrowDown', a cover version of Carmen's cult and in demand 1986 Electro Funk hit. It comes in two versions, a 4/4 club mix and at the suggestion of JD Twitch, an updated take on a Latin Freestyle mix. Both versions feature full vocals from Ciara Haidar and have "summer hit" written all over them.


  • 03 Jun, 2016

    Kiwi: New Track 'Cormorant' on Correspondant

    Kiwi premieres a new track 'Cormorant' on the new Correspondant 'Compilation 4' album.
    Featured in DJ Mag.


  • 05 May, 2016

    Kiwi: New Correspondent Compilation

    Kiwi is featured on the new Correspondent five year compilation, released in June.


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