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Etienne de Crécy (DJ Set)


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      Étienne de Crécy is a key figure of the international electronic scene. During his 20-year rise to the summit, the French producer has cut some of the world's most influential electronic albums: Pansoul (with Philipe Zdar under the name Motorbass), Super Discount, Tempovision and Super Discount 2. He has also made around 30 EPs and done some 40 remixes for artists such as Kraftwerk, Air, Moby, Lil' Louis and Zombie Nation. As well as being recognised for his versatile and potent productions, Étienne de Crécy is also a keen DJ who is always a hit with the crowd and his live shows with the giant Beats'N'Cubes structure swept all before them on five continents.

      By 2014, EDM is taking the USA and most of the rest of the world by storm. It is at this point that Étienne decides to revive Super Discount.

      The project's third chapter forms a connecting link between the first two episodes. Although synthesizers are still in the front line (true to the techno energy of 'Super Discount 2'), the samples and production go to create a more house, funky sound (the trademark of the first volume).
      This time, Étienne has worked with singers - Baxter Dury, Pos & Dave (De La Soul), Tom Burke (Citizens!), Madeline Follin (Cults) and Kilo Kish all feature on the album - rather than producers, although Alex Gopher and Julien Delfaud contributed and Étienne has already begun the 'Super Discount 3 Live' tour with them - before the album's release!

Etienne de Crécy (DJ Set)

Etienne de Crécy